Best Office Coffee Machines 2018 – Buyers Guide

So you want a focused and productive office? We all do right!

And no office is complete without it’s own coffee machine so staff can stay perky whilst diving into their work.

Choosing the right one of course can be a challenging task even for the typical coffee lover.

In this post I’ll cover 7 best coffee machines for the office, of any size.

Things to Consider When Buying an Office Coffee Machine

Why Buy One For the Office?

You may ask yourself “Do we even need a coffee machine at work?”, and if no one there drinks coffee the answer is pretty obvious.

But even if just a few members of the team love their daily dose of caffeine then providing a coffee machine for them can have serveral benefits other than keeping them happy.

Apart from the perks of the job and keeping staff moral at it’s peak, a not so obvious benefit is eliminating the need to do rounds at the nearest coffee house which could save substantial time, not to mention money.

We all know that couple of trips can mount up for even the smallest of offices so installing an office espresso machine could save a tonne of money in the long run.

Another not-so-obvious benefit of providing coffee at work is that regular five minute breaks actually help with productivity.

Even if all the staff aren’t rushing to the machine, having just a communal area where people can stretch their legs allows workers to recharge and socialise with collegues, giving them a boost of new energy when getting back to work. Any other benefits are caffeine related.

Here’s Our List of the Best Coffee Machines for the Office

We’ve broken down the list into office size so depending on how big or small your office is where you work will depend on what coffee machine is right for the job.

For the Small Office

DeLonghi Primadonna

Rocket R58

Breville Oracle

Medium Sized Offices

Jura Giga 5
Jura’s XJ9
Gaggia Accademia

Large Commercial Offices

Rancilio Epoca

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