The 9 Healthiest Ways to Drink Coffee

healthiest ways to drink coffee

My love affair with coffee goes back many years but it has definitely intensified since discovering healthier ways to drink the popular hot beverage. Since I embarked on my career as a solopreneur and digital nomad a few years back I found myself trying to find the healthiest way to drink coffee as my location-independent … Read more

DIY | How to make These Simple Watercolor Coffee Mugs

Simple DIY Coffee Mugs by Audra Kurtz

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? We all have a favorite coffee mug, right? But do you have a favorite coffee mug with a design that you made yourself? Well, if you love your coffee and love making stuff then you’ll love this little project. This fun and super simple watercolor coffee mug designs … Read more

Top Rated Espresso Machines 2018 – Buyers Guide

top rated espresso machines

If you’re a true espresso lover and serious about making top quality espresso at home or in a professional environment then you’re going to need the best espresso machine on the market. Cheap espresso machines are great for the occasional drinker but if you’re in need to match the quality textures and flavors of popular … Read more

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