Calories In Coffee? Know Your Numbers of the World’s Most Important Meal

Okay, it might not count as an actual meal but have you ever wondered how many calories there are in a cup of coffee?

It might surprise you…

Drink only a couple of cups per day and your coffee calorie intake could be minimal. Though if like many people, you drink closer to 8-10 coffees per day and those cups contain sugar, milk or cream then these calories can add up fast.

Let’s dive into the numbers and break down how many calories in a cup of coffee there are and in a number of ways you can take it.

Calories in Coffee Basics

There aren’t that many calories in black coffee, for instance – your typical espresso coffee contains only 3 calories. An Americano is just an espresso with water and water has zero calories so – so far so good.

But espresso and black coffee drinkers are few and far between which means most of the calories you get from drinking coffee is when you add other stuff to it.

Let’s break it down…

Here’s a list of the most popular coffee beverages and their calorie counts (all medium sized):

  • Cafe Latte = 135 calories
  • Cappuccino = 151 calories
  • Mocha = 394 calories
  • Macchiato = 10 calories
  • Americano with cream = 23 Calories
  • Americano with semi-skimmed milk = 22 Calories
  • Instant coffee with cream = 44 calories

As you can see the calories in coffee are in the other ingredients of popular varieties of coffee and we haven’t even added sugar into the equation yet. Several cups per day of this fine beverage and we can soon see our calories mount up.

Coffee Lovers with a Sweet Tooth

Cutting down on the amount of sugar we consume in our diets is something that many people desire as a healthy lifestyle to benefit from. This can be done by lowering the amount of sugar we add to our coffee.

Knowing the amount of calories our coffee contains is a good first step in making this happen. It can also make you appreciate your coffee more. It certainly has for me.

Here are some figures that might interest you:

  • Black Americano with one sugar = 19 calories
  • Americano, semi-skimmed milk and one sugar = 38 calories
  • Cappuccino with two sugars = 183 calories
  • Mocha with one brown sugar = 411 calories
  • Macchiato with one brown sugar = 26 calories
  • Instant coffee with cream and sugar = 60 calories

Scary Amounts of Coffee Calories

Now that we’ve broken down how many calories there are in different coffee drinks, let’s work out what this could mount up to depending on how much coffee we drink per day.

Let’s say you drink 3 coffees per day and you only drink black Americano, that’s going to mount up to just 9 Calories per day so not too bad…

What about 7 coffees per day? That mounts to 21 calories.

What if you’re favorite coffee is a Cappuccino though and you can’t drink it unless it has 2 sugars in it. This is where things get a little scary.

Drinking just 3 of these per day will total 549 calories and 7 of these per day will be 1281 calories per day. This is a crazy amount of calories in just consuming coffee when you consider the average diet should consist of 1800 – 2500 calories depending on gender, body type and lifestyle.

One thing I noticed when I completely cut out sugar from my coffee was I went from drinking around 7-10 coffees in one day to 2-3, sometimes I might only have one coffee. This amazed me because when I used to take sugar, I would crave coffee all day and now that craving is limited to the morning and goes away after just a couple.

SO, it’s fairly obvious to see that I was actually craving sugar and not the caffeine in the coffee. This makes sense because sugar is way more addictive than caffeine.

Healthy Coffee

So, even though there are many health benefits of coffee, it is very possible to make your daily coffee drinking more of a habit than just the caffeine inside. As you saw above, this is especially the case just by adding a couple of sugars to your brew – and even more so if we are drinking several per day.

How can we drink this hot beverage in a healthy way then? And are there specific coffee based drinks more healthier than others?

Here’s a short list of some healthy coffee drinks to try if you’re looking to be more healthy:

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Some other possible coffee ingredients

  • calories in coffee creamer (1 tsp) = 16
  • calories in honey (1 tsp) = 21
  • calories in cinnamon (1/4 tsp) = 1.5
  • calories in sweetener (1 tsp Canderel) = 2

Popular Coffee Brands and the Calories Within

  • bulletproof coffee calories (880) =
  • Bulletproof coffee calories = 441
  • Cold brew coffee calories = 3
  • Caribou coffee calories (coffee of the day) = 5
  • Coffee Mate calories = 10

Coffee Shop Favorites

  • Dunkin Donuts coffee calories = 5
  • Starbucks coffee calories (flat white, grande, 16oz) = 180
  • Starbucks coffee calories (flat white, grande, 16oz) = 180
  • Starbucks iced coffee latte calories (grande, 16oz) = 130
  • McDonalds iced coffee calories (medium, 22oz) = 190

Final Thoughts

Did you work out how many calories you have in the coffee you consume?
If you’re feeling brave, let us know the amount in the comments below and what you could do to cut down.

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