Are These 10 Pink Coffee Makers the New Black?

If you haven’t owned a pink coffee maker before then chances are you’ve been stuck with a black one, or maybe some kind of metalic color.

Well we think these colors are rather boring for the more eccentric type person so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite pink coffee makers, large and small.

They all make a decent cup of coffee too so it’s a win, win!

Some Favorites at a Glance

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Our Favorite Pink Coffee Makers

We don’t know about you but some of these colorful coffee makers are pretty damn cool even if you don’t like pink.

Pink Bodum French Press

Pink Le Creuset of America Stoneware Petite French Press

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Large French Press Coffee Maker By Coffee Gator, Pink

Not just any french press and not just pink. This cafetière by Coffee Gator is made from stainless steel and double walled which keeps your cup hotter for longer. It’s also double filtered too which means less grounds in your coffee and more flavour.

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Pink Ovente French Press Cafetière Coffee and Tea Maker

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Pantone Coffee Percolator

If percolating your coffee is your prefered way to rise in the morning then check out this snazzy retro percolator by Pantone in hot pink of course.

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Pink Hario Glass Coffee Dripper

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Technivorm Moccamaster Pink

This monster of a machine is for the more coffee fanatics. Technivorm Moccamaster have produced an auto drip coffee maker with a 10-cup carafe, brewing those 10 cups in a speedy 6 minutes. And if pink isn’t your color, then there’s a whole 17 others to choose from.

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Recolte Pink Coffee Maker Kaffe Duo Paus

We love quirky coffee equipment and this dainty Japanese style coffee maker in “smoky pink” is no exception.

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Solids Collection Pink Decal Style Vinyl Skin Coffee Maker

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Pink Hello Kitty Coffee Maker

If your kids drink more coffee than you or you love Hello Kitty more than your kids then this cute filter coffee maker should probably be an addition in your household.

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